Storage tank construction

Our storage tanks are manufactured in our workshops and delivered on-site for construction by our highly skilled personnel, many of whom have been with the company for more than 25 years.

Most larger engineering companies would need to sub-contract storage tank construction resulting in significantly increased costs for you. By contracting directly with Motherwell Bridge you save money and, with our unparalleled experience, can be rest assured we will build on time and on budget.

New build construction services include:

  • Design and supply of new storage tanks 
  • Storage tank construction 
  • Turnkey handling of projects
  • Specification of work scopes
  • Preparation of budgets
  • Supply of skilled labour and management of sub-contractors 
  • Supply and erection of welded heavy steel structures 
  • Associated pipework and process plant installation 
  • Supply of tank roof seals and component parts
  • Term contractor